LE Silk Rehoming Sale.

Finally, finally, finally, the silks are ready to find new homes. I cannot stand the
whining and whimpering that not enough attention is being paid to them,
soooooo, it is time they went to homes that will appreciate them. All silks are
regular price of $2.00 each!

This will go a bit differently.  Group scans will be posted, but the abbreviations
are a bit wacky unless you live in my head.

There were lots of reds and purples. Hence the Rocking Red (RR) colors and
the Pretty Purples (PP).

Browse the colors and if you have any questions, please let me know. Quantities
are limited to up to 50 of any one color, so if you want several, please email me
for an accurate count. I will do my best.

Happy Stitching!

Please click on the pictures for larger images

Pretty in purple                 Pretty in Purple                   Rockin' Reds                         Rockin Reds
                 1-6                                      7-11                                     1-6                                          7-12 (9 missing)


Carrie's Threads Sale Page
pretty purple 1
pretty purple 2
pretty purple 3
pretty purple 4
pretty purple 5
pretty purple 6
pretty purple 7
pretty purple 8
pretty purple 9
pretty purple 10
pretty purple 11
pretty purple 12
Rockin Red 1
Rockin Red 2
Rockin Red 3
Rockin Red 4
Rockin Red 5
Rockin Red 6
Rockin Red 7
Rockin Red 8
Rockin Red 10
Rockin Red 11
Rockin Red 12
deep Green
Drab brown
olive drab
Old Barn
deep sea
sea spray
sold out
too denim
dark olives
dark slate
Whale Tail
Boo Boo
Army surplus
not slate
red grab bag
5 threads 10.00
purple grab bag
5 threads 10.00
grab bag
5 threads 10.00